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Sharing Marketplace for Business Equipment and Services

More than 25,000 types of material and services. Share with fellow companies.

What is FLOOW2?

FLOOW2, World’s Reset Button, is the business-to-business Sharing Marketplace where companies and institutions can share equipment and the skills & knowledge of personnel.

FLOOW2 unites supply and demand and creates transparency concerning who has what, and where and when it will be available.
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What does it cost?


Place advertisements easily and quickly for the equipment and / or services you want to rent out or sell. Choose from a list that we have selected for you and publish your advertisement(s).

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How does it work for advertisers?

Search without any obligation for equipment and / or services offered by other companies. Did you find what you were looking for? Close the deal with the owner.

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How does it work for renters/buyers?
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Your Own Marketplace

Share your equipment, services and personnel within your own trusted group and environment.

Your own marketplace, landingspage, webpages, completely customized in your own corporate identity. Functionalities like, the marketplace function, a transaction platform, a member overview and an online community.

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Organisations who came before

Businessclub FC Eindhoven
Duurzaam Gebouwd
Ondernemersvereniging Hessenpoort Zwolle
Kracht in NL
Werkgeversvereniging van Zorg & Welzijn

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FLOOW2 World's Reset Button, the sharing marketplace for business equipment, services and personnel.

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